Post-Natal Massage

Perinatal Depression Awareness Week has just past, and I am a little late in posting this piece. But the truth pertaining to massage and depression is the same no matter what week it is!
You know that I work with all sorts of shapes and sizes, all different people, and offer several types of massage.

While I work with non-pregnant clients, this year I started working closely with pregnant women as well. I have loved walking the pregnancy journey with these mothers-to-be, and get a thrill when I hear of another birth announcement.

But massage doesn’t end when pregnancy ends. True, it is often more difficult to schedule appointments once there is a little one around, but massage continues to be beneficial in the perinatal and post-natal period. This is particularly true for those mothers who suffer from depression after childbirth.

Childbirth is a wondrous time, filled with joy, relief, excitement, and love. But there is also the flip side …the exhaustion of sleepless nights, perhaps a long labour or painful Caesar, breast feeding troubles, and hormones still raging through the body.
This is when soothing massage is absolutely beneficial.

“Scientific studies have proven massages’ beneficial effects when carried out on new mothers suffering with PND. Massage treats the depression by physically stimulating the nerve receptors of the nervous system. This in turn causes a release in chemicals into the body, such as the mood-lifting neurotransmitters serotonin or dopamine into the body, that both naturally increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing in the mother. Other internal chemicals associated with stress, such as adrenaline and cortisol, are also reduced with massage.
A mother suffering with PND also experiences a shift in brain activity with massage. Massage encourages increase in alpha brain waves known for their relaxing, calming qualities.”

Another benefit to massage may be to help smooth out the aches and pains from delivery, carrying a baby and feeding.

So why not book in for that all important-post pregnancy massage?
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